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In Gaston in Barcelona we share values important for us

Slow Fashion

We want to take part to the slow fashion movement by creating clothes made to last thanks to the fabric quality but also to the dressmaking. We think or collections by imagining timeless basics that you can keep for a long time.

The chosen fabrics for our skirts’ collection last in time. Also, we propose you care tips when washing, drying and ironing to optimally protect the skirts. Durability depends also on the way we take care of our clothes.

La marque : Slow Fashion


Our name says it all! We want to work the most possible with local companies: for our fabrics, accessories, dressmaking… Barcelona has always been a strong textile area and we want to take part of its dynamism.

It is important for us to have a responsible attitude and to bring extra value. We have bet on the human factor and local manufacturing of our collection in Barcelona.

Here are all the factors we value as a responsible brand:
Work conditions of textile workers must be respected and follow all laws on contracts, work hours, pay proper salaries and work in an appropriate environment.

Making our clothes in Barcelona allows to reduce provision of supplies and transport. We avoid extra miles and limit the carbon footprint.


In Gaston in Barcelona we want to create basics that you can wear every day. Our clothes can be adapted to any situation: a day at work, wedding guest, a brunch with friends, an afternoon of urban tourism… All the small details of each model give a touch of originality.

We like that one item can be mixed with others to create a variety of outfits and adapt to each moment of your life. Playing with accessories can also be very effective to provide a more elegant or more relaxed look to your style. Stay tuned, we will soon propose lots of options to try at home.

Gaston in Barcelona La marque : Créativité
La marque : Collaboratif


Our inspiration is you!
The client is on the spotlight. We are here to listen and learn from your needs and desires.

That’s why in Gaston in Barcelona we create polls and we take into consideration your opinion to develop our future collections, improve the current ones, choose new colors and add sizes. Everything is possible.

You are a part of the adventure!

Brand's origin

Hello to all of you! My name is Marie.

Before begining the adventure with Gaston, I worked for several marketing agencies. These experiences teached me to collaborate with consumers and listen to them to develop and build more interesting projects.

Huge fan of sewing since I was 18, I began to take design and pattern creation classes in 2016. With the growing experience and a lot of motivation I launched Gaston in Barcelona in 2018.

With the sewing classes, the increasing trend to buy local, the movie “The true cost” (and other ones), I realized that we need to change our way of buying (and I changed mine). This is one of the reasons why I decided to launch Gaston in Barcelona: to give an alternative to the fast fashion with clothes designed and made locally.

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