A trip to Colombia

Today Isaure shares with us her story about Colombia. 🙂

Colombia is a very special place for me because I lived for a year in Barranquilla 10 years ago. This summer I returned for the first time to the country, a country that has changed enormously and finally opened to travelers.

A place you loved

Cartagena de Indias, the most important city of the Colombian Caribbean, is magical. The city was founded in 1533 and its historic center is a jewel of colonial architecture with its houses painted in all colors. In addition the walls that surround it are a perfect place to take pictures at sunset.

I also recommend visiting Getsemani with its restaurants and graffiti. This is the bohemian qurtier of Cartagena and there is a great atmosphere day and night.

Meet the locals

Colombians are very friendly and will do their best to help you make your trip as good as possible. They are very open and happy to be able to show their country to travelers after years of conflict. I spent several days in a traditional rural house in the Eje Cafetero and it was a wonderful experience. The owners made me visit several places and we shared laughing evenings and singing near the campfire. A magical stay.

A dish that you liked

Colombia is not a country to start a diet, knowing that Colombians eat a lot fried. The dishes vary according to the region, but in the Caribbean the most typical is to eat fried fish with rice with coconut milk, fried bananas and a salad on the beach. The best are also the fresh juices that accompany the meals. You will be able to taste fruits that do not exist in Europe like the “corozo” and the tomato of the tree.

An experiment or an activity

The Eje Cafetero is one of the most beautiful areas of Colombia for its natural side. You will discover emblematic plants of the country: coffee trees and palm trees. You will be able to visit the coffee estates to discover all the coffee making process and even pick up the cherries yourself.

Then you can prepare for a long walk in the Valle del Cócora, where grow palm trees that can measure up to 60 meters. Seeing the hills that appear in the fog is a mystical experience that you will never forget.

A garment, a pair of shoes or an accessory

In Colombia, the climate changes a lot according to the regions you are going to visit. It is therefore best to pack a bit of everything in your suitcase. On the coast, you will need very light clothes because it is very hot and humid. But if you go to Bogota or the Eje Cafetero, you will have to take a good sweater (you will be more than 2000 meters high) and a k-way because it rains a lot.

The backpack is one of the accessories you need to bring back as a souvenir. There are many colors and they are made by the indigenous communities of Sierra Nevada Santa Marta and Guajira. They will bring an aesthetic touch to your looks and can be matched with any kind of clothing.

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