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Discover the Mona, Reno and Sorol skirts


Add vigorous colors to your outfits and a soft sensation on your legs thanks to the crepe with satin on the inside. Its advantage? Pretty silvery buttons to shine in any occasion. The Mona skirt is available in 3 colors: powder pink, burgundy, navy blue.


A flimsy skirt with dotted swiss tulle, inspired by ballerina’s tutus. Its black lining is 100% viscose and offers softness on the skin which allows it to breathe even during summer.


With pale denim and a light cotton fabric, Sorol’s skirt is easy to wear with all kinds of outfits: a white T-shirt with sneakers for the weekend, a striped blouse with platform sandals to go out, or a stylish top with heels for the office.

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